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Vendor Spotlight 

Harrison Ranch


This week’s vendor of the week is Harrison Ranch. The Harrison’s have one of the most extraordinary operations I have seen in a long time. Everything they do is with the utmost attention to detail. Their sprawling ranch consists of many acres of uncompromised soil so they can grow a wide variety of all-natural produce crops. They also have high-tunnels that aid in the ability to extend their growing season so they can bring fresh, great tasting produce direct to the consumer. This family owned and operated business encompasses many of the family’s skills, and gives them the ability to offer not only some of the best produce around, but also preserved product, dried selection of mixes, spices, and such, and delicious baked goods, right from their own hands. Scott, and family have several methods of storing their fantastic products in a manner that preserves them at their peak and allows the family to offer these products to us in ways many of us can not attain for ourselves. From berries to baked goods, decorative gourds to pickled veggies, and almost everything in between, Harrisons does a superb job!! Their “food box” program is a great way to partake in a little piece of paradise, on a regular basis, during the growing season. These boxes have a wide variety of produce in them that you can enjoy for a very reasonable price. If you haven’t experienced all that the Harrison’s have to offer, I urge you to come down to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday mid-June to mid-October; you’ll be able to see all that this wonderful family has to offer! 

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